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Speaker Biography

Alan Davey

 Alan Davey
Alan Davey was appointed Chief Executive of the Arts Council in November 2007.

Alan was Director for Culture at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport from 2003 until December 2006, having previously worked in the Department as Head of the Arts Division since 2001. In an earlier stint at the then Department of National Heritage he was responsible for designing the National Lottery.

Alan has also worked at the Department of Health, where he led the Modernising Division and held the post of Secretary to the Royal Commission on Long Term Care. He has been a visiting Fulbright/Helen Hamlyn Scholar at the University of Maryland and has degrees from the universities of Birmingham, Oxford and London.

Alan is well known for his passionate interest in, and advocacy of, the arts, as well as for his unrivalled knowledge of public policy in this area.


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