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Speaker Biography

Rt Hon David Blunkett MP

Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
David’s political career dates back to his election as a councillor in Sheffield at the age of 22, his leadership of the Council in the 1980s, and his election to Parliament in 1987. After serving on the Shadow Cabinet, he became Education and Employment Secretary in 1997, Home Secretary in 2001, and Work and Pensions Secretary in 2005.

Since leaving government, in addition to completing his diaries, “The Blunkett Tapes”, David has undertaken a series of major pieces of work – including on anti poverty and affordable credit; on social mobility; a review of the future role of the community and voluntary sector at the request of the then Prime Minister; Chaired a major review of dedicated school transport, leading a Commission which recommended extensive changes; undertaken a review of police accountability for the Home Office which helped shape a subsequent Government White Paper; and served on the Speaker’s Conference which recommended substantial changes to improve representation in the House of Commons.

As well as working on behalf of his constituency and contributing to a number of voluntary and not-for-profit organisations, David is now being a constructive thorn in the side of the coalition government.


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Rt Hon David Blunkett MP

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