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Jane Haywood MBE

 Jane Haywood MBE
Jane is Chief Executive of the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC). CWDC leads change in the children and young people's workforce so that employers and partners are able to do the best job they possibly can.

Jane has substantial experience in the children and youth field with a particular interest in learning disability, volunteering, play and youth work.

A qualified teacher, she joined the Manpower Services Commission in 1976 and held various management roles in its successor organisations. At the time of her appointment to CWDC in 2005, she was managing the Children and Youth Division in the Department for Education and Skills (DfES).

She has been an active volunteer since 1970 and received an MBE in 2005 in recognition of her work with children and young people. She has an MA in post 16 Education and Training and was awarded an honorary degree from Kingston University in 2009.


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