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Speaker Biography

Joanna Hastwell

 Joanna Hastwell
Joanna has nearly 10 years experience of working with disabled people in education. Joanna is the Asperger Syndrome Project Officer at the University of Cambridge, where she co-ordinates a research project in collaboration with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr Nicola Martin. Joanna’s work focuses on removing barriers and developing best practice for students with Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism (AS/HFA) in higher education.

Joanna was formerly a Disability Adviser at Sheffield Hallam University and studied at The Autism Centre at Sheffield Hallam. Her research interest in effective services for students with AS/HFA has resulted in an international reputation in this field.

Her work is heavily influenced by the student voice and emancipator research into the whole student journey with transition beyond university into work as an integral part of that experience.


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