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Speaker Biography

Nichola Herbertson

After studying Mandarin, Chinese and Law at London SOAS and working for a TEC, LSC and the FE sector in South London for 12 years, Nikki set up Hao2.eu to pursue her interests in diversity and new technologies. “Hao2” is pronounced “how to” and “hao” is the Chinese world for “good”. A social firm, Hao2.eu helps organisations in the UK, EU and China use new technologies to promote inclusion especially in education and employment. 80% of the staff at Hao2.eu Ltd have Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

Over the last 18 months, Hao2.eu has developed an innovative approach using 3D virtual world technologies to help people with ASC secure and sustain employment, working in partnership with organisations such Remploy, NAS, Kingston & Greenwich University, Smartlab & Daden Ltd.

Hao2.eu are member of Intellect, trade association for the IT industry and in July 2011 awarded Hao2.eu Business Professional Certification in recognition of the high quality of their work.