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Speaker Biography

Julian Feasby

After 10 years in the water industry in operational management roles and then as Customer Service Director in the USA, Julian then became Head of Customer Services at Arval PHH, the car fleet services provider. He joined the Environment Agency five years ago and is currently the Head of Internal Environment Management. In this role he is responsible for leading the reduction of the organisation's national environmental footprints, assisting other companies to do the same, and ensuring compliance with environmental legislation.

The organisation has won a number of awards for its footprint reduction work, including the Sunday Times Best Green Company for Employee Engagement and a number of Green Fleet Hero awards.

It is in the arena of travel impact reduction where Julian is most pleased. This is because it is a subject which not only requires the overcoming of some long-held beliefs about the need to travel, but is also a reflection of how to blend equipment, technology, behaviour and planning, to get the right environmental outcome.


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Julian Feasby

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