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Speaker Biography

Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards is a Senior Research Associate in the Transport Operations Research Group at Newcastle University. His main research fields are Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and the mobility needs of older and disabled people. He also specialises in the testing and evaluation of ITS, and is experienced in managing pilot sites, including user recruitment, and carrying out survey work and focus groups.

He has led TORG’s involvement in a variety of EU, funding council and 3rd Strand projects. Recent key projects include ASK-IT (EU 6th Framework (FP)), OASIS (EU 7FP), EMMA (EU 6FP), AALIANCE (EU 7FP), NICHES+ (EU 7FP) and SiDE (UKRC). In the past year he has travelled widely in Europe to support research on the OASIS, NICHES+, VERITAS and SAVE ME projects, including meetings in Ireland, Belgium, France, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain.

Simon is a reviewer of papers for several prestigious Journals and also chairs the ITS UK Inclusive Mobility Interest Group, which held its annual conference in Manchester in July 2011.


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