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Speaker Biography

David Walters

He has over 25 years experience in both the private and public sector working for a number of district councils as a structural and municipal engineer as well as Staffordshire County Council. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, graduating with an honours degree in civil engineering from Loughborough University.

For the past eight years, David has been part of the senior management team at Staffordshire responsible for the development of ‘Staffordshire Highways’, a virtual joint venture bringing together Staffordshire County Council and, Enterprise plc as a seamless team in a contract based on open book cost management and long term collaborative working.

He is a member of the programme board for the Midlands Highways Alliance (MHA) and, chaired the quality and selection group during the procurement of the MHA Medium Schemes Framework in 2010 and, the development of the MHA Performance Management Toolkit.

David also represents the Midlands Region as a member of the Steering Group for the NHT Public Satisfaction Survey.

David currently leads a team responsible for business improvement, contract procurement and governance.


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