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Speaker Biography

Professor Peter Nolan

Peter Nolan holds the Montague Burton Chair in Industrial Relations at the University of Leeds and, until recently, was the Director of the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s Future of Work Programme. He has advised many public bodies, including ACAS, the TUC, the Finnish Research Academy and the Swedish Council for Working Life and Research. He is presently an expert adviser on work and productivity issues to the new European Union Joint Programme Initiative, `More Years, Better Lives: The Challenges of Demographic Change in Europe’.

Peter is the Editor-in-Chief of the Industrial Relations Journal and the Palgrave Macmillan Future of Work series. The author of numerous scholarly articles on labour markets, work and productivity, Peter’s recent published research has measured and interpreted the pattern of occupational shifts in Britain since 1951. His work highlights the salience of manual paid employment in the UK economy and its public policy significance.