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Speaker Biography

Nick Bunting

Nick is the UK CEO of the harmonized PRIME movement (the Princes Initiative for Mature Enterprise). He was previously the Head of Public Affairs and Operations (COO), and a member of the Executive Committee at the Rugby Football Union (RFU). Through his work at the RFU he has generated external investment into grassroots sport in excess of £200m to fund facility and grassroots development. Many thousands of young people have benefited from this investment.

Nick has, for many years, been a Director, Company Secretary and Chairman of the Finance Committee at sportscoachUK (a top 500 charity), the body charged with the development of the standards and the profession of sports coaching in the UK. He was also a trustee and director of sports charity the Rugby Football Foundation (a top 500 charity), responsible for the commissioning of its services with external providers. He was a member of the East Midlands Regional Sports Board, where he has the portfolio responsibility for the sports system in the East Midlands, and Chair of the Regional Sports Partnership.

Nick also chaired the Northamptonshire County Sports Partnership (CSP) – NSport, which brings together the sports development teams of the nine local authorities, and the various national governing bodies and clubs associations in Northamptonshire, along with other interested bodies such as the Primary Care Trusts and the two development corporations in the county.

He has successfully developed a career in the commercial sector within the sports and not for profit sector where he has run, been responsible for, or been on the board/executive committee of over 10 companies.

Previously he worked for Cadbury’s, Guinness, Pepsico, Napier Brown and Dalgety; he was part of the management buyout of their premium dry dog food division, where he held the role of Sales and Marketing Director.