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Speaker Biography

Professor Mike Stein

Currently, Research Professor, in the Social Policy Research Unit at York University: a qualified social worker, Mike has worked as a probation officer, a senior child care officer and an area manager in a social services department.

During the last 30 years Mike has been researching the problems and challenges faced by young people leaving care and, more recently, the experiences of young people running away from home and care. His current research includes the maltreatment of adolescents.

Mike is a joint co-ordinator of the International Research Network on the Transitions to Adulthood for Young People Leaving Public Care (INTRAC). He has been involved in the preparation of best practice and training materials, as well as Guidance for Leaving Care legislation in the UK, and has also been consulted on the development of leaving care services internationally. Mike has published extensively in the field (see www.york.ac.uk/spru).

His most recent book, Care Less Lives, the story of the rights movement of young people in care, is published by Catch-22 and is available from: www.leavingcare.org.