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Speaker Biography

Judith Hendley

Judith Hendley was appointed to London Councils in January 2009 as Head of New Policy Development. Since 2010 she has held the position of Head of Health and Adult Services. Her role involves lobbying government on health and social care issues of importance to London and liaising with stakeholders across local government and the NHS in order to develop and implement policy in the capital. She is co – lead of the London Health and Wellbeing Boards partnership support programme (sponsored by London Councils, NHS London and the London Joint Improvement Partnership) and also engaged in policy work to support the development of the London Health Improvement Board.

Prior to working at London Councils, Judith was at Southwark Council where she held positions in social policy and resident engagement. She has previously worked in a number of health related roles at both a national and a local level.

She holds an MA in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University.


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