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Speaker Biography

Helen Beetham

 Helen Beetham
Helen Beetham is an independent consultant, researcher and author in the field of e-learning, with particular expertise in UK Higher Education. Since 2004 she has played a leading role in the JISC e-Learning Programme, and also advises HE Institutions on topics ranging from learning environments to graduate outcomes and curriculum design.

In her own research area of digital literacies, she was Principle Investigator for the 'Learning Literacies for a Digital Age' project (2009), and joint holder of an ESRC seminar series on Literacies in the Digital University (2009-2010).

An experienced workshop leader and a regular keynote speaker at conferences in the UK and abroad, Helen co-edited Rethinking Pedagogy for the Digital Age (Routledge 2007) and Rethinking Learning for the Digital Age (Routledge 2010), both of which are regular set texts on masters' programmes. She was a member of the expert panel for the DCSF-funded Beyond Current Horizons programme (2009), which developed a series of reports and future learning scenarios to support government education policy.