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Speaker Biography

Wendy Bascal

Wendy started in September 2007 diploma cohort and left to have a baby, and then returned to the September 2008 degree cohort. Due to qualify in September 2011.

Wendy started out as an occupational therapist working mainly in mental health, for about 5 years. She did a CPE Diploma in Law but before she could start the Bar Vocational Course she had her first child. For 6 years she volunteered with the NCT in a variety of roles including branch Newsletter Editor, branch Chair and regional area rep. Wendy considered becoming a doula and attended a short course but the timing wasn’t right. Then after her 3rd child was born she trained as a Breastfeeding Helper with the BfN before realising her ambition was to be a midwife.

The areas of midwifery that she is passionate about include women’s choices, home birth and breastfeeding. Her dissertation looked at the impact of antenatal information on women’s experiences of the latent phase of labour.

Wendy joined the SMWG to be involved in giving students a voice; and to help students to be treated equitably and feel valued for their contribution to the profession. She is keen to be involved in discussions about the future of the midwifery profession and how student training will evolve alongside these changes. She will be sad to step down from the group in a few months as she has loved it and would encourage other students to get involved.


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