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Speaker Biography

Rob Hann

Rob joined Local Partnerships (an organisation owned jointly by the Local Government Association and HM Treasury) in 2009 but previously worked as director of legal services at 4ps in 1997. He is a solicitor with over twenty years of local government and private sector experience.

He leads Local Partnerships' input into legislative, contractual and regulatory matters affecting PPP/PFI for local government and the wider public sector. Rob is responsible for developing know-how, publications and guidance for local government on legal issues affecting local government PPP/PFI and the EU procurement process including the competitive dialogue process.

He has worked with many local authorities developing new ways of working or developing commercial projects, trading and charging initiatives and joint ventures.

In a personal capacity Rob has written several books on local government law including ‘Local Authority Companies and Partnerships’ (see www.lacaponline.com), ‘The PFI and Major strategic Procurement in Local Government’ and 'Local authority charging and trading’. He also writes children’s books and has published a prize winning novel about his father’s wartime experiences: SAS Operation Galia.


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