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Speaker Biography

Professor Denise Hevey

Denise Hevey joined the School of Education at the University of Northampton in November 2005 as their first Professor of Early Years. She had previously spent 18 years at the Open University where she produced courses such as Working with Children and Young People and became responsible for development of vocational qualifications across the University.

She was seconded to the National Children’s Bureau to lead the lead the first National Occupational Mapping and Standards Development project for the early years’ workforce. Dr. Hevey joined Ofsted in 2001 as Head of Policy in the Early Years Directorate and was subsequently seconded to the DfES where she was responsible for the response to the Bichard Inquiry.

She is currently Director of the East Midlands Early Years Professional Status programme, she has recently co-edited a book on ‘Policy Issues in Early Years’ (to be published in Spring 2012) and her most recent research relates to Continuing Professional Development in England.


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