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Speaker Biography

Giles Chichester MEP

 Giles Chichester MEP
Member of the European Parliament
Chairman of the Conservatives in the European Parliament

Giles has been an MEP for Devon and East Plymouth since 1994, becoming MEP for the South West of England in 1999.

He was elected Chairman of the Conservatives in the European Parliament in November 2007.

He was Chairman of the European Parliament's Industry Committee from 2004 to 2006.

Giles is the EPP-ED Group's Coordinator on the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and the Conservative Spokesman for that Committee. He is also Chairman of the Delegation for Interparliamentary Relations with Australia and New Zealand. A Co-ordinator combines the roles of whip, leader and spokesman. As he represents the largest political group in the European Parliament, he exerts considerable influence on the work of the committee.

He was the only Conservative MEP to be co-ordinator on a legislative committee and was twice elected to this position by EPP-ED MEPs from all Member States.


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