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Speaker Biography

Nansi Ellis

Nansi Ellis, is Head of Education Policy and Research at ATL. She is responsible for the development and implementation of ATL's education policy. Nansi joined ATL as a primary education advisor, having previously managed the early years team at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Before that, Nansi worked as a primary teacher, first in west Wales and then in London.

ATL has both a position statement and a book on our thinking about curriculum (Subject to Change http://www.atl.org.uk/policy-and-campaigns/policies/subject-to-change-new-thinking-on-the-curriculum.asp ). We believe there should be a slim national curriculum framework with much content developed at local level, although there is of course debate to be had both about the extent of the national framework and what we mean by ‘local level’.

As ‘the education union’ ATL has responded to government consultations on national curriculum development and will continue to take part in the debates as the new national curriculum is developed in England. As our membership extends from early years to further and higher education, and across the 4 UK nations, we have a broad perspective on curriculum development.