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Speaker Biography

Sarah Vize

Sarah is currently leading a review of school transport in Hertfordshire - part of the Council for the Future Transformation strand to deliver public services funded at the right level.

Engaging partners has been central to achieving over 100 bus routes running to schools of preference which are cost-neutral to the county council. Working with schools, bus companies and the voluntary sector to run new bus routes and promote sustainable travel alternatives has helped reduce any impact on families

Sarah’s background is in admissions and school organisation. Her wide admissions experience includes developing policy and strategy to achieve maximum parental satisfaction; designing an online system as a service to families; scoping the initial national bid to become the lead authority and pioneering random allocation as a tie-breaker in admissions arrangements. Within school organisation, her experience ranges from commissioning the supply of school places to the development and delivery of capital schemes, working with providers in Hertfordshire.

Sarah is also working on the personalisation agenda associated with the SEN Pathfinder activity in Hertfordshire.


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