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Steve Doel

 Steve Doel
Steve’s entire career has centred around Special Needs Transport. On leaving full time education he trained to be a Transport Manager, working for a coach operator with a large own-account holiday business. Realising a gap in the market they were among the first in the country to offer coach touring holidays for passengers with limited mobility, this becoming a large part of our business. Later Steve operated wheelchair accessible vehicles in his own right.

A career change in 2000 saw Steve move into Local Government – some might say ‘poacher turned gamekeeper!’ Initially working in Wiltshire, he ran an extensive Special Needs Transport operation there before moving to West Berkshire.

Steve’s current work involves the Risk Management across a wide range of activities in our Transport Team, but especially with Special Needs. He has recently returned from some work in Saudi Arabia advising the Government there on Special Needs Transport issues.


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