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Speaker Biography

Stephen Griffiths

Stephen commenced his career in the NHS in 1983 as a student nurse. He has held a number of strategic and operational posts including Director of Nursing in the Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust. Clinical, management, education and advisory activities have been integral parts of all roles held throughout his career. In 2006 Stephen completed his MSc which focused on how to support learning within the workplace.

Stephen was appointed Director of the Workforce Development Unit in 2007 which presented a new challenge and the opportunity to influence and lead the development of the NHS workforce and the commissioning of education at a national level on behalf of the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare.

In his current role Stephen has led the development and implementation of the All Wales Workforce Planning Process, brought transparency and engagement to the education commissioning process and overseen the development of numerous resources to assist the workforce modernisation agenda for NHS Wales.