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Dr Fiona Adshead

Dr Fiona Adshead
Before joining PwC Fiona was Director of Chronic Disease and Health Promotion at the World Health Organisation with five years experience as Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Director General in the UK Government responsible for Health Improvement and Health Inequalities. This included responsibility for inequalities, including fuel poverty, behaviour change and social marketing in relationship to health behaviours.

She is a high profile public health leader with a track record of reframing thinking and developing innovative policy at the heart of government. An effective communicator with wide ranging social policy, delivery and senior health service experience, she is able to apply thinking from other sectors and countries, to find strategic fit between diverse interests and to come up with practical solutions based on a clear vision. Fiona is an experienced international advisor, board member, public health director, lecturer, consultant, trustee and clinician. A reputation for personal integrity combined with dedication and commitment to improving global, national and local health.

Fiona has extensive experience of behaviour change within policy formation, how to evaluate policy options, including assessing the impact of regulation and legislation on business and how competition law shapes UK policy. Examples include developing, introducing and implementing legislation on smoke free public places, and restricting advertising to children. At Pwc Fiona has developed a behaviour change laboratory for a major private sector health organisation, and overseen the development of a value for money tool to assess the impact of behaviour change initiatives for the Government’s National Social Marketing Centre. Fiona is currently an international adviser to the Royal College of Physicians, an advisor to the Hong Kong Government and is a visiting Professor at UCL, Brunel and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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