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Speaker Biography

Liz Walkley

Liz holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Kent University and a Diploma in Language Teaching. Liz comes from a background in education and training and spent 5 years teaching English and communications programmes to young people, adults and international business in Italy, Spain, Australia, and Chile. Back in the UK Liz taught Academic English at Loughborough and Leicester Universities and then moved on to work in a business advisory capacity at Business Link, engaging employers in skills.

Two years later, in early 2006, Liz took up a role as a Project Manager at CFE and since then has worked on numerous programmes and research projects in the sphere of employment and skills. Areas explored relate to a broad range of issues in Further Education, Higher Education and Apprenticeships, including specifically developing STEM Talent for 2030 and exploring the notion of a Global Graduate.