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Speaker Biography

Dr Madeleine F. Green

Madeleine Green is an independent consultant and Senior Fellow at the International Association of Universities, a global higher education association dedicated to building community and strengthening higher education worldwide.

She also serves as a Senior Fellow at NAFSA: The Association of International Educators.

Dr Green is widely published in the field of internationalization. Among her recent publications are 'Mapping Internationalization on US Campuses' and 'On the Ground Overseas: US Degree Programs and Branch Campuses Abroad'.

Over her 35-year career at ACE, Dr Green has served as director of the ACE Fellows Program, which prepares individuals for senior leadership positions (1978-1990), spearheaded a program of capacity building for South African universities (1992-2001), and led a US Agency for International Development funded effort to strengthen South African further education colleges (2010).

Dr Green was the recipient of the 2010 Charles Klasek Award of the Association of International Education Administrators for outstanding service to the field of international education.