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Speaker Biography

Gerald Ratner

 Gerald Ratner
Gerald was the millionaire chief executive of the British jewellery chain Ratners Jewellery, which he built into the world's largest jewellery retailer business consisting of 2500 shops, making £125m, with a turnover £2billion. After some uncomplimentary remarks Gerald made at the Institute of Directors regarding product quality, the company suffered financial losses, and was renamed Signet Group in 1993. Gerald went on to re-launch his career in the jewellery sector with in 2004.

After Ratners, Gerald focused on the leisure industry, opening a successful gym in Henley-on-Thames which he later sold for an impressive profit. This gave him the opportunity to launch his own on-line jewellery company Gerald Online 2004. As current CEO, Gerald is once again returning to the forefront of Britain's jewellery trade and is proving that well known brands can recover from just about anything.