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Speaker Biography

Maureen Emmett

Maureen has a strong background in education policy and its implementation, having been a respected member of QCDA. As a Senior Policy Advisor she was a key member of the team that developed the Functional Skills qualifications and was solely responsible for monitoring their implementation.

During her career she has also held senior positions in Pearson Education and in the FE sector. As the strategic lead, she was responsible for monitoring and evaluating the experience of the 3000 centres that took part in the three-year Functional Skills Pilot. During that time she worked with key stakeholders and providers; organised forums, conferences and events; and made a significant contribution to the final Functional Skills Evaluation Report

Maureen now spends her time utilising her extensive experience to support effective Functional Skills delivery and assessment as the head of EM Skills, a training company which specialises in supporting organisations in Functional Skills delivery and assessment.


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