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Speaker Biography

Jonathan Wells

Jonathan has been involved in Functional Skills since its very inception. He was an early member of the Functional Skills Support Programme team and a consultant to NCSL on the 14-19 programme during the pilot phase.

During the last five years he has written exam papers for two AO’s; written a large bank of Functional Skills specific resources; spoken at many events about Functional Skills and he writes and edits the industry standard source of news, the “Making Sense of Functional Skills Newsletter,” that is delivered to more than 9000 people in the sector every second Tuesday.

His latest developments include recording a series of webinars that are run on Wednesday afternoons at 4pm, building up into a series of 20-minute recordings about all aspects of Functional Skills delivery and policy. His day job is as Founder and Managing Director of Guroo Ltd., the leading developer of Initial Diagnostic and Assessment tools and Teaching and Learning resources for Functional Skills.

Email [email protected] and telephone 0191 3055045