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Speaker Biography

Angie Carter

 Angie Carter
Angie Carter has over 20 years of clinical and service development experience within health and social care, including the strategic development of Wirral’s award winning Assistive Technology service and the largest investment in Telecare, in England 2010-11. Angie is a national advocate for the use of Person Centred, Outcome Focused approaches to the provision of assistive technology services. These approaches are key to developing patient, service user, staff and general public trust, cultural acceptance and ultimately the achievement of related strategic objectives.
Angie has been a member of the Telecare Advisory Network (a group which advised the government on assistive technology issues) and a key contributor to the development of the Open University Module - “Personalisation in Practice”. She now works with commissioners, service providers and various organisations assisting them to plan, develop and implement assistive technology services and associated service redesign, via the professional services of Angie Carter Consultancy Ltd.