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Speaker Biography

Sarah Wright

 Sarah Wright
Sarah left school at 16 with a handful of O Levels. She returned to education as a mature student and studied for GCE A Levels at a local GFE College before reading History and Politics at the University of Warwick. She taught in Further Education Colleges for more than a decade before moving into a variety of leadership roles, including that, most latterly, of Vice Principal at Warwickshire College. Sarah worked as an additional Inspector for OFSTED for eight years.

She was appointed Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Seevic College in 2009 and sits on the following Boards: Corporation of Anglia Ruskin University; AoC Reputation Management Board; ACER Executive Board; and AoC Principals’ Funding Portfolio Board.

Sarah sees her experience as illustrative of the power of Colleges and her motivation remains her belief in the way that power can unlock potential