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Speaker Biography

Simon Hanson

 Simon Hanson
Simon is an independent public policy strategy consultant, with interests in pensions, saving behaviour and workplace health and wellbeing. Simon has 26 years experience working in the Civil Service, occupying senior regional operational posts in Jobcentre Plus and in policy and research in Whitehall. His Civil Service career extends to working in Ministers Private offices and has extensive experience working at the interface between analysis and policy development in the Department for Work and Pensions including developing strategies to improve the co-operative work between Government and independent analytical policy institutions. In 2007 – 2009, he was secretary to the Pensions Tripartite and earlier worked on automatic enrolment policies for pension reform. More recently, he devised the initial communications and evidence gathering strategy for the Independent Review of Sickness Absence. Simon has a Masters Degree in public policy from the University of York and has completed research into saving behaviour.