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Cathy Clarkson

 Cathy Clarkson
Cathy Clarkson is an ESOL teacher trainer & the Advanced Teaching and Learning Coach for HE at Kirklees College. She has been involved with staff development/teacher education since 2004 and has a keen interest in bottom-up approaches to CPD and emerging technologies.

Cathy has been involved in several practitioner research projects: she was one of nine practitioner researchers involved in the ICT Effective Practice Study with the NRDC and gained a £10,000 practitioner research grant, where she instigated and researched a Learner Centred Action Research Network. Most most recently Cathy undertook a project on CPD, social media & mobile technology.

In response to the impact of social media on her own CPD activity, Cathy has had two articles published in the RaPAL journal and a case study published by ESCalate. She can be found discussing CPD, teaching & learning @cathywint.


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