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Speaker Biography

Tracey Bell

Tracey is the Regional Manager for Shelter in Yorkshire, the North East and East Midlands where she has worked since 2006. Prior to this she was a senior manager within the drug treatment field where she was responsible for delivering and developing services that provide harm reduction and abstinence based interventions to tackle substance misuse. With a professional qualification in Youth Work and an MSc in Social Policy and Management from the London School of Economics, her early career centred on services for young homeless people in Central London, providing structured packages of support for young street homeless people making the transition to settled accommodation.

Her current role provides leadership and strategic management to deliver a portfolio of specialist legal advice and housing support services to over 8000 people per annum in the region, where she has overseen the successful design and delivery of strategically aligned provision that has achieved demonstrable outcomes for some of the most deprived communities. Services range from generic housing advice and support to those targeted on specific groups of people and include delivery from designated offices, within people’s homes or within a prison setting. She is the strategic lead for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults within Shelter and has overseen a comprehensive review of policy and practice in this area.


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Tracey Bell

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