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Speaker Biography

Savita de Sousa

Savita has responsibility for policy and development issues relating to Private Fostering and Black Minority Ethnic children, who are unable to live with their birth parents.

Previously she has worked for local authorities and the voluntary sector. She has worked as a Social worker, Staff Development Officer and Manager. She has experience of working in social care, corporate services and multi-disciplinary teams. She has worked with black minority ethnic children and communities, foster carers and adoptive parents, disabled children and their families, support groups and the placement needs of children in adoption and fostering.

Savita coordinates the BAAF Black Minority Ethnic Perspectives Advisory Committee (BMEPAC) and chairs the BAAF Private Fostering Special Interest Groups in England. As such, she is involved in all aspects of BAAF’s work and has a national remit. She provides advice, information, consultancy and training. She develops links with other professionals and practitioners within the field of child care to exchange views, share information and to work towards an improvement of the services offered to the black minority ethnic children and children in private foster care arrangements.