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Speaker Biography

Nigel Edwards

 Nigel Edwards
Nigel is Director of Policy and Communications for the NHS Confederation, the membership organisation that represents over 95% of NHS organisations in the UK.

His role is to influence health policy on behalf of members, develop the Confederation’s policy positions on areas of key interest to members, influence the wider debate on health policy, and to ensure that NHS organisations have a strong public voice, particularly in the media. Nigel is responsible for ensuring that the Confederation’s well-regarded communications and policy functions operate effectively. He also oversees the work of the NHS European Office which is working to influence EU policy which has an impact on the NHS.

Nigel was responsible for founding the Health Services Research Network as part of the Confederation to provide a voice for the research community and improve dialogue between managers, policy makers and research.

Previously, Nigel was Director of the London Health Economics Consortium at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine where he is an Honorary Visiting Professor.