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Speaker Biography

Dennis Holmes

Dennis is the Deputy Director for Adult Social Services at Leeds City Council; He also takes responsibility for the Strategic Commissioning function within the Directorate managing a commissioning budget of around £140M. He is additionally responsible for Adult Safeguarding arrangements.

Dennis is a qualified Social Worker and his background is largely in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice. He became an operational manager in adult social care in 2000 and, immediately prior to establishing the strategic commissioning function in Leeds in 2006, he had become responsible for the strategic planning of all social services in the City.

Dennis works closely with the community of health organisations in the City (both commissioners and providers) with the aim of ensuring that all opportunities are taken to maximise the impact of public funds (Local Authority and NHS) on the health and wellbeing of our citizens, this includes the use of formal pooled funds.

In addition to his immediate areas of responsibility, Dennis has two particular areas of interest, firstly in community development, believing that resilient communities are able to support older and disabled people (and their carers) independently and for longer, often delaying recourse to more acute social and health care interventions. Secondly, in the assurance of the quality (and indeed safety) of those services under commission, seeking to involve the widest range of stakeholders in providing their views on the health and wellbeing services available in the City and using those views to work with care providers to improve standards of care and support.