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Speaker Biography

John Woodward

John Woodward is one of the original founding members of Busy Bees. The first Busy Bees nursery, The Rocklands was opened in 1984. John started his career as a school teacher going on to becoming Deputy Head Teacher at a school specialising in teaching children with behavioural difficulties.

John’s vision was always to develop a national network of local nurseries. Together with the other founding members, John has developed and expanded the nursery business to become the UKs largest childcare provider, operating more than 200 nurseries nationwide.

John was the brain behind the launch of Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers in 1998 which was later sold in a multi-million pound deal in 2008. After many recommendations from organisations wanting a quality, consistent service, John launched a new Childcare Voucher and employee benefits company, Busy Bees Benefits in 2010. The company continues to deliver a world-class service to its customers.


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