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Speaker Biography

Phil Astley

 Phil Astley
Phil Astley is a Chartered Architect (Birmingham) since 1995. Within the last 6 years he has been Principal Investigator on three major UK Research Council studies: ‘Controlling Healthcare Acquired Infection: Design and Management Guidelines’; ‘Planning for Operationally Ready Infrastructure in Emergency and Urgent Care’; ‘Technological and Social Models for Later Life for Care in the Home’.

At the Bartlett, University College London Phil is advising and leading research and enterprise projects for healthcare infrastructure. At UCL he is developing a range of cross-disciplinary research programmes with UCL Hospitals and the UCL Global Challenges programme for healthcare to advance understanding for future care commissioning and the delivery of the physical and virtual networks, infrastructure and space. In January 2012 he delivered a prospectus for a Medical Respite Centre for London Pathway, to provide a range of supporting medical and therapy services with managed inpatient care for the single homeless and informally housed.

In 2013 in collaboration with Cambridge University NHS Hospitals and the College of Emergency Medicine he will publish the Health Building Note for new Type 1 Emergency and Urgent Care design guidance on behalf of the Department of Health. He will continue his doctoral studies with Loughborough University on Emergency Care environments, he publishes, and is a visiting speaker at conferences, in the UK and internationally, particularly in South Africa, but also the US and across Europe including Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.