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Speaker Biography

Dr Angela Burnett

Dr Angela Burnett
Angela Burnett is lead doctor at Freedom from Torture and a GP at the Greenhouse Practice, Hackney, caring for homeless and vulnerable people, many of whom are migrants. The Greenhouse Practice runs a weekly clinic offering health care and welfare advice for Eastern Europeans, working with Marcin Troc, a Polish speaking peer advocate from Groundswell, and Thamesreach.

She has written extensively on the health of refugees, survivors of torture and vulnerable migrants, including a BMJ series, a resource pack “Meeting the health needs of refugees and asylum seekers”, and more recently guidelines for commissioning mental health services for vulnerable migrants. She has mentored refugee doctors and has assisted in developing UK-wide health services for refugees and torture survivors. She trains healthworkers working with refugees and survivors of torture.

In Zambia she worked with people affected by HIV/AIDS, researching collaboration between traditional healers and formal healthworkers. She has evaluated education programmes for Macedonian doctors, worked with Oxfam in Ethiopia with people affected by drought and famine and trained healthworkers working with survivors of violence and torture in Brazil.