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Speaker Biography

Ruth Drysdale

Ruth Drysdale joined Jisc eLearning team in 2009 which is part of the Innovation Group. The Group works closely with UK colleges and universities to carry out action research, and develop ICT advice and guidance, products and services. Part of Ruth’s area of responsibility is eAdminstration which includes ICT systems that support recruitment, admissions, as well as teaching and learning.

Ruth was recently a member of these two advisory groups: KIS -technical and the QAA UK Quality Code: student support advisory group chapter. Ruth is also managing a programme about Course Data: making the most of course information. This has 64 UK HE and FE institutions improving their processes in order to produce standardised course information for external audiences.

Prior to Jisc, Ruth worked in various commercial organisations and the IT department for University of West of England as a manager for their Strategic Student Experience Programme. This included 10 major projects which were designed to have maximum impact on the Student Experience.