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Speaker Biography

Maura Corporan

 Maura Corporan
Maura Corporan has a Degree in Psychology with Masters in Public Administration and Educational Sciences with specialialization in Curriculum, Instruction and Technology. She has 27 years of experience in the field of Education and Training, of which 23 correspond to uninterrupted service in the National Training Institute (INFOTEP). During that time she has played eight (8) positions from technician level to Management. Maura currently serves as Manager of Standards and Faculty Development.

Maura Corporan is responsible for establishing standards, policies and procedures related to the development and updating of curriculum and training of teachers, the admission, information and employment service of the institution and promoting the development of programs and technological research projects and teaching methodologies applied in vocational training programs, according to the requirements of the labor market, as well as companies and institutions.

In the positions held, she has coordinated and promoted several projects: Job Skills, Virtual Infotep, Information and Documentation Centers, integration of technology into the classroom and the institution's participation in WorldSkills Americas and WorldSkills International.

Professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels in major universities; she also participated as a speaker nationally and internationally on many occasions on issues related to vocational training.

Maura Corporan has undertaken several national and international courses on Vocational Education, Training and Employment, Productivity, Quality Management, Project Management, Application of Information Technology and Communication Training and Systems Training and Certification under Job Skills, among others.


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