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Speaker Biography

Don Whyte

 Don Whyte
Don is the President of NCCER (formerly National Center for Construction, Education and Research). Don has been involved in the development of NCCER for over 20 years.

Prior to taking the reins of NCCER, Don served for six years as Vice President directing all training operations and program development. Don has overseen the evolution of NCCER’s standardized curricula since the mid nineties and led the development of the National Craft Assessment and Certification Program and the Pipeliner Training and Assessment Program. During his tenure, he assisted NCCER in achieving extraordinary growth and distinction as one of the premier workforce development organizations in the construction and maintenance industry.

Don’s background includes experience as a vocational educator, corporate management trainer and operations manager in structural steel fabricaton erection, and maintenance.

Don holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Virginia Tech University.


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