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Speaker Biography

HE Amena Afzali

HE Amena Afzali
Mrs. Amena Safi Afzali was born in the year 1957 in an intellectual and pious family in Herat Province of Afghanistan. Mrs. Afzali got her B.Sc degree from the faculty of Science, Kabul University, 1978. She married to Safiullah Afzali (a great and well respected commander of Jihad) in 1980. Her husband was martyred, 1987, and left Mrs. Afzali with three children.

Mrs. Afazali has served the government of Afghanistan in various capacities. She worked as cabinet Minister for youth Affairs, Advisor to the President, Commissioner of Human rights and Chairperson of the High Level State Commission for addressing the children and youth problems.

Learning from the miserable living conditions of Afghanistan women, especially under the draconian regime of Taliban, Her Excellency Afzali founded “The Islamic Movement of Afghanistan Women” in Kabul.

Mrs. Afzali was a member of the commission established for drafting Constitution of Afghanistan. It was a golden opportunity for Mrs. Afzali and her women colleagues in the commission to raise the Afghan women voices. Consequently, the allocation of chairs for women in the National Assembly was stipulated in the drafted Constitution of Afghanistan.

As an educated and politically active lady, Mrs Afzali was member of many delegations to the peace and reconstruction of Afghanistan conferences. Mrs. Afzali actively participated in Cyprus Peace process, Rome Conference, Bon Conference (as a signatory) and other international conferences in Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Indonesia and the United States of America


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