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Speaker Biography

Dr David Graddol

Dr David Graddol
David Graddol is well known as a writer, lecturer and policy consultant on issues related to global English and educational trends. David is Director of The English Company (UK) and was until the beginning of this year joint editor of the Cambridge University Press journal English Today. He is on the editorial boards of several other journals, including Language Problems and Language Planning, and Visual Communication.

David's publications include several important research and policy
documents commissioned by the British Council. The Future of English? (1997) set out a new agenda for understanding the growing importance of English as an international language and its role in globalisation.

English Next (2006), provided an update on English in global education and this was followed by English Next India (2010), which explores the changing status of English in India and its role in India’s economic development. He is currently working on “English Next Brazil” which will be published next March, and a book for Cambridge English, “Profiling English in China: The Pearl River Delta” is now in press.

David previously worked for 25 years in the Faculty of Education and Language Studies at the UK Open University and has also been a Visiting Associate Professor at City University of Hong Kong (British Council Distinguished Visiting Scholar). He has worked as a consultant on various ELT projects in China, India and Latin America since the early 1990s.


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