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Speaker Biography

Edward Vera-Cruz

 Edward Vera-Cruz
Edward Vera-Cruz is an experienced senior level strategic procurement, sourcing & supply management professional and an experienced solicitor, business transformation and organisational change consultant, with extensive skills in & knowledge of public sector procurement & outsourcing, transformation and organisational change (from both legal/regulatory and commercial & strategic commissioning perspectives).

Presently, he is responsible for and heads the Procurement & Contract Services function of West Sussex County Council. He has worked and advised on the planning, conduct and delivery of a wide range of public sector procurements and projects, public-private / public-public arrangements (outsourcing, ICT, highways infrastructure, street lighting, transportation, education, social care and health, superannuation funds, etc), helping to deliver public sector business transformation and organisational change projects across the full lifecycle of business change; developing and assisting with implementation of risk management and compliance strategies, providing advice on managing compliance and commercial risk, etc. including the procurement of West Sussex’s current P-Card arrangements and delivery of its ambitious objectives and benefits.