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Speaker Biography

Dr Rozilini M Fernandez-Chung

Dr Rozilini M Fernandez-Chung is the Vice President (Quality Assurance) at HELP University, one of the leading private universities in Malaysia.

Prior to joining HELP, she worked at the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, an agency under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, as the principal officer with responsibility for the development of policies and standards. During her tenure, she contributed to the drafting of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007 and its regulations. She developed with panels of experts, the Malaysian Qualifications Framework and other key quality assurance documents such as the Codes of Practice, Programme Standards and Guidelines to Good Practices.

With nearly 25 years in public and private higher education sectors, Dr Roz continues to play a major role as consultant, researcher, auditor and trainer to national and international organisations. She consults for organisations such as the Malaysian Legal Professional Qualifying Board, The British Council and the World Bank. She leads research studies in higher education and her current projects are on the development of a higher education data portal, transnational education policies, quality assurance manuals and student exchange policies, publishing the findings in journals and presenting at conferences worldwide.

As an experienced auditor and trainer, she has carried out higher education audits and training for agencies such as the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and in countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Dr Rozilini holds an LL.B (Hons) from the University of Wales, Cardiff, MEd. from Deakin University and Ed.D from the University of Leicester.


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