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Speaker Biography

Matthew Coffey

 Matthew Coffey
Matthew joined Ofsted in April 2007 following the merger with the Adult Learning Inspectorate where he was an Inspection Manager with national responsibility for the inspection of prison education. In the 10 months prior to the formation of the new Ofsted, Matthew was the lead officer within the Creating New Ofsted programme for workforce and organisational structure.

He joined Ofsted as an Assistant Divisional Manager and was promoted to Regional Divisional Manager in November 2007 with responsibility for Education, Learning and Skills across the Midlands region. Appointed as Regional Director in 2008, Matthew was responsible for all Ofsted operations across the Midlands.

Matthew was appointed Director, Development, Learning and Skills in April 2011, and in January 2012 was given the title National Director, Learning and Skills. In March 2013, in addition to his national responsibilities for learning and skills, Matthew was also appointed as a Regional Director for the South East.

Previously Matthew’s career began in teaching vocational skills to young people and adults and later in the management and quality assurance of vocational and employment skills training and education in the post-16 sector. He has held senior management positions within post-16 education providers, a national awarding body and a sector subject National Training Organisation. He was a Senior Inspector in the Training Standards Council.


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