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Speaker Biography

Gill Brown

 Gill Brown
Gill Brown has recently celebrated 25 years as the chief executive of Brighter Futures. Arriving in Stoke in 1988 she decided that what was needed was the drive and managerial approach of the private sector applied to the flexibility and innovation of the voluntary sector “to see where it would take us”. This approach has taken Brighter Futures from a hostel provider with a budget of £80k employing 10 staff, to one employing 200 people with a turnover of £7m.

Gill believes that the keys to success are; being clear about who your customer are, understand what makes them who they are, managing stakeholder expectations, knowing what you do well and always looking to do it better. Stay focused on the difference that you make and where you are going and make sure that’s shared by everyone.

Gill received an Honorary Doctorate from Staffordshire University in 2010 in recognition of her leadership in tackling issues affecting people with complex needs. Gill is co-author of a major report on vulnerable and excluded communities in Stoke on Trent, the impact of welfare reform and the economic and social impact of health equalities.