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Speaker Biography

Judith Fletcher-Brown

Judith Fletcher-Brown is a University Tutor in the Marketing and Sales Subject Group at Portsmouth Business School. She has a great deal of experience as a marketing practitioner and teacher and brings her subject knowledge into the classroom to give context to theory.

Judith joined the University of Portsmouth in 2012 and is a keen supporter of introducing professional practice into the classroom using “live” cases and reflective reports in assessments to help the students apply their learning and gain confidence. She says “I enjoy working in a challenging environment where I can share knowledge with others and delight in the success of my students as they develop and progress in the workplace”.

Judith completed her HEA Fellowship and is a member of CIM. Although she completed her MA in Marketing Management in 2002, Judith has returned to active research studying an MSC course. Judith is currently investigating the impact of ethnicity on effective health communication whilst developing a range of collaborative research outputs considering the values of work-related learning and placement experiences.