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Speaker Biography

Debra Leighton

Since her appointment as Associate Dean (Academic) at Salford Business School in 2012, Debra has been responsible for leading innovation in learning and teaching assurance and enhancement across a diverse business, management and law curriculum. She is actively engaged in action led pedagogical research and was co-Chair of 6th Education in a Changing Environment; Creativity and Engagement in Higher Education’ Conference (2011).

With an academic background in marketing, her research profile focuses on experiential marketing and the co-creation of experience within the business, arts , cultural and education sectors, and as Associate Dean, this research focus underpins her commitment to shaping and enhancing the student experience.

She has a keen interest in innovative approaches to curriculum design and delivery and to developing inclusive learning and teaching interventions that provide sustainable value to both the student and the University. She is actively involved in the development of partnerships and collaborations with other education providers both in the UK and overseas, and with corporate partners and third sector organisations.