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Speaker Biography

Richard Atfield

Richard Atfield is Discipline Lead for Business and Management at the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA). The role includes visits to business schools, funding and attending workshops and events, consultancy to facilitate programme change, and producing publications like ‘Enhancing education for sustainable development’ (Atfield and Kemp 2013) and most recently ‘Creating cultures of integrity: ethics education in business schools’ (Bell et al 2014). He is a member of the HEA annual conference committee and has contributed to the development of the HEA Internationalisation Framework.

Richard worked in operational and general management roles in acute hospitals for 30 years, developing an interest in change and transition management and in the critical role of front line managers.

From early 2000s he was employed full-time by Oxford Brookes University (OBU), teaching MSc in healthcare management modules in Oxford and Hong Kong. In 2006 he was appointed to the HEA Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance (BMAF) Subject Centre at OBU, leading on grants, publications and special interest groups, also events including the BMAF conference - which has now become this ABS Learning and Teaching conference.